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Bright Days Ahead (featuring Jim Clark)
Great Day With Possibility (featuring Jim Clark)
Busy Day, New Tomorrow
I Wait For You
Time Will Always Get You
Blooming In The Starlight
Maybe Someday
Positive ID (2015)
All The Love Survives
Goodnight (Slow)
Austin From Boston
Skip Skip Run
Didn't Anybody Teach You How To Cuddle?
Somehow She Still Survives
So Sweetly Swept Away (With Peter Schwepker)
Channel Cat (remix)
The Ultimate Shampoo
The Greatest Day
Peeking Through The Curtain
Wallet With Ya ? (remix swing band arrangement)
Austin From Boston (Peggy Lambroski)
All My Days 2015
More Than A Notion
Positive ID (keyboard&vocal)
In A Cafe Dark (Music by Ken Kurland) Re-mix
Right Across the Board
All My Days
Georgia On My Mind
At Last
Too Much Coffee
Caffeniated Day Dream
A Child's Bright Dream Of Love
Friends Are Forever
Music My True Love
Bottom Of The Bag
I'm Alright
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Stormy Weather
Walk On By
Autumn Leaves
Willow Weep For Me
The Very Thought Of You
The Nearness Of You
Route 66
Susie Q
The Tony Song (short 3 min)
You Are Like The Water *2013
No Superman
Right Into The Night
Channel Cat (Live Block Party Club Mix)
Ain't That Love ? (Remix)
Night Excursion
A Child's Bright Dream Of Love-Spoken Word
Real Love
Since Ancient Times
Je Vie Ooo La La (Protilius Productions)
Let's Ride In Your Car (Protilius Productions)
You Are Like The Water (elements mix)
Don't Make Me Cross That Line
Tilt The Bottle
The Call Of The Candy Corn
There's An Angel Out There (remix)
The Name Of This Place (2012)
I've Got This Thing (By Anthony Prezio)
I Wish (remastered)
You Are So Gone
Something Tells Me
I've Got My Sights On You
You Broke It You Fix It (New)
Spirit of the Camp
Channel Cat (2012 Trio)
Crazy (rainy day version)
I've Got A Feeling
Mom of Mine
Home Is In Your Eyes
It Wasn't My Name
Nothing More
Home Is Where You Go
Sweet Song
You're Right
You Broke It (You Fix It-ext)
The Tony Song (Full)
Your eyes your heart and your smile
Energy Rag
Gathering Speed
Someone To Watch Over Me "Live From Paris"
Love Forever (Feat- Vic DeMarzo & Frank DeMarzo)
I've Got So Many Questions Remix (music by Ken Kurland)
It's So Clear (Remastered)
A Child's Bright Dream of Love (acappella version)
A Fleeting Glimpse
Ain't That Love?
Against The Sky
Are You Ready???
Attention Shoppers
Blooming In The Starlight (acappella version)
Blue SunShine (featuring Felice Kaye-Cooper)
Breakable Item
Burnt To A Crisp
Burnt To A Crisp (Acappella)
Calm Chaos
Changing Waves
Channel Cat Comedy Version
Charlotte Lee and Me
Cowboys Ain't For Loving
Dancing Forever More
Dark Side Transformed
Don't Enter
Dream Vista
Dream Vista Potential Recall
Every Single Time (featuring Nils Rurack)
Flirting Long Distance
Fly Him Back
Flying In The Sky
Forever Barely There
Gathering Force
Give That Look A Rest
Happy Birthday Joe
Hello, Hello, Hello, Joe (One day early)
Here's My Message
Here's The House
His Love Is In Her Arms
I Dive Into The Ocean
I Love That Man
I Think I Might
I Try To Reach You
I Was Not Born To Wait
I Won't Go Foodshopping With You Anymore
I'm Not Crazy About Fishing
Let's Go Shopping
Lightning When It Rains
Little Creatures
Little Flash Of White
Lots Of Wavy Hair
Lover We're Through
Marcus Might Bark At Us
Mars Mellow Motel 1
Mars Mellow Motel 2
Mars Mellow Motel 3
Mars Mellow Motel 4
Mars Mellow Motel V5
Mars Mellow Motel V6
Merging With Your Mind
Mrs Cool Goes Back To School
Mrs Cool Goes Back To School(just vocals version)
New Orlean's Love Affair
Non Committal Guy
Olive by Jim Ferrie
Once Upon A Life Time
One More Jingle?
Pain Train
Precision Decision
Positive ID
Road Worker Eradicator
Rodeo Woman
Sad & Blue
Save Me From This Lonely Night
Shallow Sauce
Sky High
So Sweetly Swept Away
Someone To Watch Over Me (vocal over drums)
Sonic Shine
Sons and Daughters of the World
Step Into My Dream (Remixed and rearranged)
Summer Flight
Take Me Away
Tell Me Every Thing You Know About Love
The Bottom Floor Apartment
The Christmas Song
The Keeper Of This City
The Outhouse
The Pouring Rain
The Second Floor Apartment
The Stable Boy (Acappella)
The Third Floor Apartment
The Way It Ought To Be
Tippy Canoe Ride
Victor's Message (six pack competition inspired rantings)
Wanda's Wardrobe Wonderland
We Can Make It Now
We Have Family Ties
When Inspiration Takes A Dive
When Kids Flip Their Lids
You Always Fly Away
Write On
You Broke It with Peggy Lambroski (Odd Version)
You Broke It You Fix It
You Broke It You Fix It (Club Mix)
You Dirty Rat
The Name Of This Place (version1)
You Hit Me
You Made A Big Mistake
When Our Ship Comes In
Time Will Always Get You (version !)
Lost And Not Found
The Tony Song (fade out only)
The Tony Song (Lost Lyric Session)
Yowser Bowser
Until I Win
I Stole His Keyboard
Love Is Such A Perfect Teacher
Answer Me
Channel Cat (Slow)